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Have all of your documents at your fingertips!

Instead of constantly searching in your file cabinet for needed documents, digitize them! This really takes only seconds and can eliminate the time and cost of printing, storing, retrieving and sharing your IBM i generated or stored documents.

The IBM i (iSeries, i5, AS400, Power Systems) platform has been delivering valuable business capabilities for many, many years. As new generations enter the IT world, many have diverse backgrounds that lack specific knowledge of the IBM i. As the pool of RPG developers dwindles, many feel the pressure to leave this secure environment for Cloud based solutions. Our friends at inFORM Decisions have the IBM i qualified experts to help you with any task! Their dedicated Professional Services Department is available to address any proposed maintenance or development project. From Project Management to software maintenance, they have the personnel available to assist you with your needs.

Key Benefits of Document Management:

  • Turn paper documents into digital data that can be edited, managed and stored intelligently
  • Documents can be uploaded and accessed by any approved user, in any location via their desktop or mobile device
  • Save time by eliminating manual data entry, filing and archiving
  • Character recognition enables even large batches of documents to be scanned and indexed automatically
  • Automated email record capture extends archiving to capture important commications
  • Distribute scanned documents just like emails and faxes but with secure audit tracks
  • Web browser interface so users can search on spool file content or up to 20 indices for stored documents
  • Users can share documents both internally and externally with ease while retaining control over them
  • Central file storage keeps all your key documents in indexed, secure folders while allowing multiple users access and ensuring approval chains are respected
  • Incorporate physical documents into your automated workflows and existing processes, such as SharePoint.
iSeries Documents


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